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The Rye Driftwood Garden Club is excited to kick off our 2022-2023 season in September! During our monthly meetings, we welcome different speakers to present a topic of interest. We hire professional, well-known garden, floral arrangers and horticultural experts to help us learn how to make our environment more beautiful and sustainable.

November 15, 2022

Kelly Orzel

Coastal Native Plants

Small-scale organic herb farmer, Kelly Orzel, will be presenting Native Coastal Plants. Bred to stand up to the salty air, hard winter weather and inhospitable soil, native plants tolerate growing conditions that would make other more delicate plants weep —which is why we love them! Kelly will start by discussing the advantages of and how to create a thriving native landscape. Then she’ll play a little “identify the dreaded invasives” game, followed by an exhibition of native alternatives. Kelly will also profile a few of her favorite natives and reveal what makes each of them special.

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January 17, 2023

John Forti

Edible Landscape

John Forti, Bedrock Gardens Director, will be giving an informative talk titled “Edible Landscapes: For Health, Habitat, Families and the Future.” This illustrated lecture will explore how to eat locally and enjoy the fruits of our own labors. John will delve into planting edible gardens and landscapes that offer healthy alternatives to lawns and hedges. Whether learning to explore our own backyards or the newest landscape style of the 21st century, this talk offers meaningful ways to engage ourselves, our kids, and our community in cultivating a sense of place from seed to table.

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Image by Gemma Evans

Founded in 1968, Rye Driftwood Garden Club’s mission is simple.  We encourage interest in all phases of flower arranging, home gardening, and better horticultural practices. We strive to promote civic beautification and the conservation of natural resources.

Image by Richard Brannen


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