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Upcoming Events

The Rye Driftwood Garden Club is excited to kick off our 2023-2024 season in September! During our monthly meetings, we welcome different speakers to present a topic of interest. We hire professional, well-known garden, floral designers, and horticultural experts to help us learn how to make our environment more beautiful and sustainable. 

February 20, 2024

Joe Marttila

SeaBee Honey

SeaBee Honey is dedicated to the preservation of the honey bee and all native pollinators in the New England area of the United States. They place and maintain numerous apiaries in and around the seacoast region of New Hampshire in carefully selected sites that benefit both our bees and our farms. Their products are all natural and we attempt to ensure that our honey maintains the native pollens that our bees collect. Their bees are kept in their locations year-round and are allowed to work with multi-floral sources. 

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March 19, 2024

Jane Raymond

Successful Vegetable Gardening

Master Gardener Jane Raymond will discuss the principles and practices for successful vegetable gardening. Jane will explain how to plan a garden to produce lots of high-quality vegetables, how to expend less energy on the maintenance of the garden, and how to use fewer chemical inputs.  In addition, attendees will learn how to choose the ideal location, prepare the garden site, what and how much to grow, the timing of planting, harvesting, and vegetable storage.

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RDGC helps to build a vibrant, beautiful environment in the Seacoast area. 


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