Monthly Horticulture and Environmental Reports

This page contains information of use provided by RDGC members. It is updated on a regular basis as information becomes available.

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Topic: The Color Wheel Garden: Growing the Best Nutritional Varieties
Flavor and optimum health go hand in hand when growing a garden, knowing what varieties to choose for higher antioxidant qualities can influence what you plant.  Color (deep purple, blue, orange, and red) vegetables and fruits contain the highest flavonoids, resveratrol, and anthocyanins.

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Heading 2

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Topic: Light Pollution
There’s form of pollution that isn’t always presented as a serious hazard, but in fact it may be having an increasingly adverse affect on our lives and the planet. It is light pollution.
We’ve been hearing more about how light in our bedrooms at night could be affecting our quality of sleep and our health. Excess lighting may be a silent threat to our health. It affects our circadian rhythms, which suppresses the hormone melatonin.

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Topic: Sativus Crocus

Saffron is a delicious & colorful seasoning used in many dishes throughout the world.  Spanish paella and Indian curry are just two examples.  The bright red-orange threads you buy are actually the stigmas, or female portion, of the Saffron Crocus.  It takes thousands of flowers to produce a commercially useful amount, which is why it is so expensive. 


Topic: Save the Straw!

There is a new movement that has gone global and I want to share this information with you so you will be in the know. It’s called “Save the Straw” or “The Last Plastic Straw”. Yes, the straw, the ordinary simple drinking straw.  What’s the big deal? It is small, often wrapped in flimsy paper, disposable, doesn’t cost much, they are found everywhere, restaurants, drive thru, bars, kids and adults use them. So innocuous, what could be bad about them, what harm can they do? Well, according to The Last Plastic Straw, 500 million straws are disposed of daily in the US, that is 175 billion a year filling landfills, littering our waterways and oceans.

Topic: How to Grow Shallots

Allium cepa ascalonicum, or shallot, is a common bulb used in French cuisine.   Generally smaller in size than an onion, it is a milder version with a hint of garlic. Shallots are pretty pricey when buying them in the grocery store so growing your own makes economic sense.

Topic:The American Elm

The American Elm grew from Newfoundland Canada to Florida and west to the Rockies. The American elm was the most planted street tree in America and every city had their Main Street and parks lined with this tree. Millions of trees grew from the mid-1600’s to the mid 1900’s.