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Giving Back

Monarch School of New England shared these two videos giving us a glimpse into the wonderful programs they provide using our scholarships. 

Rye Driftwood Garden Club works to support our environment and Seacoast community in multiple ways.


Scholarships to organizations with programs in  horticulture and related environmental studies.

rye driftwood garden club landscape grant

Landscaping grants to local businesses,
organizations and governments

rye driftwood garden club community garden

Community gardens throughout Rye

Library Book Donations

Each year, RDGC donates horticultural related books to the Rye Library.


2020 Donations

  • Grow Your Own Soil by Flower Arranging by Diane Miessler

  • A Garden Miscellany by Suzanne Staubach

2019 Donations

  • Seasonal Flower Arranging by Ariella Chezar

  • Mason Bee Revolution by Dave Hunter

  • Mason Meets a Mason Bee by Dawn Pape

  • The Orchard Mason Bee by Brian Griffin

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