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Past Scholarship Recipients

Monarch School (2019-2020)

Students attending the Monarch School, Rochester, NH.  This is a school for severely challenged students.  The school teaches students how to plant and take care of the school's garden as part of the curriculum.


2018 Scholarship Winners

Sabrina Bellerose, Horticulture Technology

Elaine Friedrichsen, Horticulture Technology

Purple Flowers

UNH Plant Camp

In 2018, the Club voted to support the UNH Plant Camp! on a yearly basis. In 2017, RDGC sponsored 2 students to attend the camp. Plant Camp! a fun-filled, week-long day camp for children to explore and learn about plants, their use and their role in our world.


Seacoast Science Center (2019-2020)

Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH was awarded six scholarships for students attending SSC's Habitat Exploration Week.  


2017 Scholarship Winners

Leann Tsou plans to manage a commercial greenhouse specializing in tissue culture so that she can create plants that are disease and bacteria-free.  She hopes to bring people the joy of growing exotic plants.

Susanna Bicknell is a Horticultural Technology major with a BS degree in Business Administration.  Her vision is to invest in property in New England to cultivate the land into a sustainable greenhouse or nursery.  


2009 - 2015 Recipients

UNH Thompson School of Applied Science Horticulture Technology (multiple years recipients)

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