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Due to the Covid situation, all in-person RDGC events and programs are on hold.  Please check back to get updates on this situation and the latest club news.  In the meantime, our club wishes all our members, friends and the community the best...stay safe and healthy!

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Botany for Gardeners


Jonathan Ebba, a Field Specialist with UNH Extension.

Why do we pinch geraniums and not spruce trees?  How does soft new growth on a tree become hard and woody?  Why can we propagate plants but not people from cuttings?  As gardeners, sometimes our experience and learning give us an intuitive sense of how a plant will grow, what it needs, and how it will respond to our interaction with it (pruning, trellising, fertilizing, mulching, etc.).  Jonathan will explore some of the science and mystery behind why and how a plant does what it does.

At UNH Extension, Jonathan works with growers to bring university research and knowledge to the plant industry, helping make commercial horticulture more profitable and successful in New Hampshire.  He also collaborates with schools and non-profits to promote plant use, plant science and careers in horticulture. Prior to joining Extension, Jonathan taught Horticulture and greenhouse management and crop production at the UNH Thompson School. 

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